Aleta is a young woman who first appears in Darkmoor, where Nakor is beginning to establish his church of Arch-Indar. Somewhat cynical and worldly, she agrees to join the church so she will be regularly fed. After Nakor opens the new church in the recovering Krondor, she channels a portion of Arch-Indar's power to confine the influence of the evil god Nalar, confirming that the Goddess is returning to the world.

After Nalar's immediate plans are thwarted by Pug, Nakor, Tomas and Miranda, Aleta begins to speak in a divine voice on the nature of Good, and these words are recorded by Sho Pi and the neophyte monks he is training to serve the order of Arch-Indar. At Nakor's request, the priesthood of Ishap allows Dominic to train Aleta on how to be a High Priestess.

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