Beings assumed to exist on the higher planes of existence, or heavens in direct contrast to the beings of the lower planes or hells.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Whilst descending to a lower plane of reality from the Bliss, heavenly beings become separated from the Presence of the Source and as a result gain physical form, identity and individuality. Angels are described as beings of humanoid appearnce with feathered wings and immense magical and physical power, they lack any physical imperfections which would mark them as mortal. Angels which have taken physical form are attired as warriors, and equiped with swords described as burning with Heaven's fire.

Absence from the mortal planeEdit

It is postulated by demon masters such as Amirantha the Warlock that as beings from the lower circles of hell find their way to the mortal plane creatures from the higher planes descend to balance these forces, however these balancing forces have yet to appear to any known mortal despite various large scale invasions from the lower planes of reality from the Dasati and the Demons. The Host of Heaven is currently under orders from an unknown entity to hold at the threshold of the mortal plane in the Hall of Worlds awaiting the unlocking of the barrier.

Known Angels Edit

Riakel, The Rider

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