Bear was a mystical pirate from an undisclosed location. He was aided by Sidi and others in hopes to attain the Tear of Gods. Bear became enamored with an amulet that Sidi gave him as he found himself immune to the regular weapons of the world.

Bear went on the quest for the Tear but was delayed by Knute and his band of pirates. After the ship that the Tear was on sank, Knute ordered his vessel away from Bear, in hopes of drowning the pirate. Bear survived and eventually found Knute and hacked him to pieces.

Bear murdered a local bar girl in Krondor which led to a series of events that acquired the wrath of James, Solon, Jazhara, and William to a conflict with Bear. In the end it would be Ka-Hoolie the God of Vengeance that would hold Bear accountable for his deeds and keep him from gaining the Tear of the Gods.

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