Billy Goodwin
Billy Goodwin

Billy Goodwin is one of the group of 'desperate men' that were saved from hanging in order to join the elite military task force led by Calis designed to investigate the Emerald Queen's movements in Novindus.


Billy is described as a slender fellow with curly brown hair. He is first seen at the death cell at Krondor. It is never mentioned why he is in the cell though it seems like it would be a result of his temper which he frequetly loses.

When he is taken to the training camp south of Krondor he is abused by Corporal Foster and makes a dash at him when his back is turned. It is when he is saved by Erik, Biggo, Luis and Sho Pi that he starts to calm down. In this confrontation Corporal Foster also calls Billy's mother a whore, when Billy attacks the Corporal for this, this suggests that Billy's mother probably was a whore.

Once in Novindus Billy is killed in a accident when Nakor's mare takes a bite at Billy's horse causing her to throw Billy. He lands on a rock killing him instantly.

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