Soldiers is a caste of male cho-ja. They are both clever and strong. They serve their hive and protect their cho-ja queen.

Warriors are powerfuly built, with broad shoulders and huge lower thorax. A soldier is 1.5 times the height of a Tsurani.

Soldiers breed every spring. However, at the birth of a new queen, soldiers are hastily hatched and matured. Those are usually more aggressive and quick than the seasoned veterans.

Soldiers fight with their arms but can also use weapons. They also wear helmets decorated in the fashion of the Tsurani, with whom they ally. They protect the estates of the house that hosts their hive, or even join military campaign, such as against the Eastern Confederation or in the Riftwar. A cho-ja soldier is as good as two Tsurani.

Ranks include Strike Leaders and Force Leaders. A hive is divided into military Commands. (An example rank would be, "Force Leader of the Second Command")

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