The City Forever lies in the deep recesses of rift-space (The Void), one of the true wonders of the universe . No one knows who built it and it has been said that maybe no one built it, it simply just is.


The City Forever is a vast city of enormous towers with arches that span between them thousands of feet up in the air, impossibly thin minarets, boulevards a hundred feet across that are paved with tiles that glow softly and when a shadow passes over them they change color and music fills the air. There are fountains of incredible complexity that spray silver liquid into the air which turns into crystal only to liquify again when it touches the ground. The buildings of the city are vast some give hints at their purpose others you must hazard a guess some buildings even contain lakes underground.

Even still there are some even more extraordinary wonders to the city like the Star Towers seven towers arranged around a plaza which on close inspection contain stars, comets and galaxies. Another oddity of the City is the wall of fire that runs for a mile or more in a straight line and has no purpose other than to be. The City Forever may be the only thing in the universe that is truly immortal and it exists outside the universe itself.

While the city appears to be uninhabited, the caverns beneath are populated by many dangerous creatures, as Tomas and Pug discovered during their quest to find Macros the Black. These may be non-native, however, but placed there by the Enemy as a deterrent. Other non-native creatures encountered in the city include a Dreadmaster and a black dragon.


When they discovered it out of pique the Valheru tried to destroy it but they could not do any damage at all to the City.

Tomas once commented to Pug conDoin when they were in the city searching for Macros that maybe the universes are contained within the Star Towers.

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