Dahun was a Demon King, ruling over one of the second kingdoms with in the fifth circle of hell.

Kingdom of DahunEdit

At the height of his power Dahun ruled over a kingdom within the demon realm. A second kingdom of the realm it was considered a relatively civilized society with rules and social strictures resembling the mortal realm more so than the savage or mad lands beyond the second knigdoms. Dahun attempted to flee his kingdom and the demon realm.

Flight to MidkemiaEdit

Dahun's attempt to enter the mortal realm, aided by the magician Belasco involved using large amounts of death magic to open a rift or portal from the demon realm. This attempt was thwarted by the combined might of the Conclave of Shadows, the Kingdom of Isles, Roldem, the Kingdom of Muboya and Great Kesh. During the battle Dahun displaced the consciousness of Belasco in an attempt to reach the mortal realm in disguise, however this deception was detected by Belasco's brother Amirantha and Belasco's body was killed by Jim Dasher.


In A Kingdom Besieged, it is hinted that King Dahun was reborn as the female demon Child.


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