Elf Light FINAL


Eledhel, otherwise known as Light Elves were the most common race of Elves.

During the time of Valheru the Eledhel were among their servants and tended the fields and forests. After the Chaos Wars, they were freed by Ashen-Shugar and decided to live in harmony with the new races of Midkemia, the Humans and Dwarves. They resided in their city Elvandar.

They lend aid to the Kingdom during the Riftwar, and joined in destroying the rift connecting Midkemia and Kelewan.

Only the Eledhel spellweavers have the knowledge of the location of Silverthorn in Moraelin.

They sent a company of archers to help defeat the army of Murmandamus during the Battle of Sethanon.

The Eledhel would forgive and accept any of their brethren who would repent and seek to live among them, like Earanorn and Gorath in a ceremony called the Returning.

Known EledhelEdit

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