Galain was an elf from Elvandar. He is the cousin of Calin, nephew of Aglaranna, and the best friend of Martin Longbow.


During the Riftwar, he, along with Calin and Algavins, cared for Tomas when he was wounded during a Tsurani raid. He remained on the side of Tomas and Dolgan as they repelled the Tsurani on Elvandar.

He assisted Prince Arutha and his group on their journey to Moraelin to find the silverthorn.

After the destruction of Armengar, he again helped Arutha and his party from the moredhel. They had to pass through the Edder Forest, where they met with the glamredhel. Through his effort, they were able to pass and made their way to Highcastle before going to Sethanon.


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