The Glamredhel are a race of Elves. They are like the Anoredhel in appearance with blond hair and sun-tanned skin.

They were rendered mad by the Chaos Wars and aimed to control their own fate, though in a more warlike manner. To that end they constructed two mighty city-fortresses, Sar-Isbandia and Sar-Sargoth, until attacked by Murmandamus.

During the Great Uprising of the Moredhel, the last of the Glamredhel were found living in the Edder Forest . The Glamredhel were told of Elvandar, and they travelled there to join with their Eledhel kin. Their king, Earanorn, became one of Queen Aglaranna's advisors. He has named Aglaranna's son, Calin, as his heir to bring both races of elves under one ruler in the future.

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