The Great Golden Dragons of Midkemia were among the largest and most powerful creatures known in the Midkemian users. So formidable were they individually that Baron James (the original "Jimmy the Hand") proclaimed that "dragons are everything you've ever heard of and more, take an army if you intend to hunt one." The Golden Dragons at their maximum size had heads the size of a large freight wagon, and wingspans of over 100 feet per wing. Rhuagh and his daughter Ryana were stellar examples of Dragons at the peak of their powers. They possessed great intelligence, formidable battle and transport magic, and could transform themselves into human guise such as with Ryath's daugher Ryana.

In war, golden dragons brought talon, flame, and magic to bear. Ryana fell to a DreadLord, but not before inflciting so much damage to the creature that it was easy pickings for Tomas (Ashen-Shugar) to fatally wound it. Ryana

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