Lims-Kragma is the Goddess of Death in the Universe. When someone dies, they are brought into the Halls of the Dead. However, if someone cannot pay a copper coin for a ferry, they are not allowed cross to the Halls of the Dead. She judges them. If someone was good, she will bring them to a higher places, presumably some form of heaven. Someone who was not good, but was neither bad is given a second chance at life. People who were bad are sent to a "hell". It is presumed that during times of war, people can wait years before they are judged, though they have no mind when dead.

Religious worship & practiceEdit

Lims-Kragma is rarely worshipped. Her temples perform funerals. In the past, ritual sacrifices were common, however they stopped that practice. It is also presumed they had a hand in the Nighthawks, a group of assassins for hire. However, they deny affiliation nowadays. Her symbol worn by her subjects is a silver net.

In Novindus, she is called 'Khali-Shi. She is feared, and only worshiped in secret.

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