Manfred von Darkmoor was the youngest son of the Baron of Darkmoor, Otto von Darkmoor and Baroness Mathilda von Darkmoor. He seceded the Barony of Darkmoor when Stefan, his older brother, was murdered in Ravensburg for raping a girl there.

He though his brother Stefan von Darkmoor a swine, and forgave Erik Von Darkmoor and Rupert Avery for their murdering of him.

Gerd von Darkmoor, Stefan's bastard son, the result of him raping Rosalyn, came to be Baron of Darkmoor, as Manfred never married. It is hinted he is homosexual.

Manfred died during the Serpentwar, after a stray arrow hit him. He never married, so he left no apparent heir. His Mother Mathilda feared Erik would become the new Baron. However, he informed her of Gerd, her grandson. Mathilda was overcome with emotion for him. However, Erik was made Gerd's regent (as he was only 4-5). However, he had to lead the Armies of the West as knight-Captain, so he allowed Mathilda to act in his place.

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