Minwanabi is a Tsurani family of Kelewan, one of the Five Greats belonging to the Clan Shonshoni. Their insignia color was orange and black.

They had a generations-old blood feud with the family of Acoma.

During the Riftwar, one of their members (Tasaio) was second to the Lord of War. The Minwanabi were at the height of their power, rivaling even the Oaxatucan in strength. Lord Jingu was served by vassals such as the Lord of the Kehotara, whose power equaled Sezu. Should Almecho be absent, a Minwanabi would be most likely successor.

Jingu Minwanabi planned to assassinate Mara of the Acoma during the celebrations of Almecho's birthday, although he verbally guaranteed the safety of all his guests. Mara outlived the first attempt, but then machinated the anger of his concubine Teani and his First Strike Leader Shimizu. Jingu's honor was permanently harmed in the eyes of Almecho and he paid his debt by taking his life honorably.

Desio became the Ruling Lord and attempted to reclaim the honor of his crippled house who now lost allies and political influence; now the Warlord seemed to favor Mara while previously Jingu was one step away from the Gold Throne.

During the Riftwar, a band of Minwanabi soldiers let by Chapka take over White Hill, an estate surrounding the Midkemian community of Walinor.


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