Mourning ceremony is the Tsurani process of mourning and burying one's ashes in the sacred grove of a noble family. It is a shame to cry or shed any tear for the dead any moment before this ceremony.


  • The mourning Tsurani plunged a hand into the almost extinguished brazier and smeared the ashes across the breasts and down the exposed stomach (symbolizing that heart was ashes)
  • The other hand shot out and grabbed dirt from beside the natami, then smeared the damp soil in the hair and struck the head with the fist (symbolizing that one is one with the household soil, and to that soil they would return, as would the spirits of the slain)
  • Struck the thigh with a fist, chanting the words of mourning,
  • With a tiny metal dagger, a family heirloom of immense value, used only for this ceremony over the ages, cut oneself across the left arm.
  • held the small wound over the pool, letting drops of blood fall to mix with the water
  • tore at the robe, pulling hair and chanted ancient words, calling the ancestors to witness this bereavement.
  • threw across the fresh soil over the place of interment and rested the head upon the

family natami.

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