Sethanon, after its destruction

Sethanon was once the site of a minor Barony near Dimwood in the center of the Kingdom.


By chance, the city of Sethanon was built over the ruins of an ancient city of the Valheru,built by Draken-Korin. Buried deep beneath its walls lay the ancient Lifestone, an artifact of great power. During the Great Uprising, the Valheru hoped to utilize the power of the Lifestone to open a portal into Midkemia so the Dragon Host might return. Thus, Sethanon became the focal point of battle during the Great Uprising as the Moredhel host, under the leadership of the false Murmandamus, sought to reach the Lifestone.

Sethanon was the populated by Humans. When goblins attacked the city, Humphry, the last Baron of Sethanon, died without heir at their hands.

After the Battle of Sethanon was won, King Lyam ordered the half-destroyed city abandoned and paid to have its populace relocated. A rumor was then started that the city was cursed in order to keep people away and prevent them from discovering the Lifestone buried beneath the city. In secret, however, a garrison was installed to prevent further incursions. This garrison was lead by Squire Phillip, a Knight-Captain of the Armies of the West, during the reign of Prince Arutha.

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