Sidonie was the ship of Amos Trask, manned with 35 men.


Once, Sidonie left Palanque with a load of weapons and Quegan fire oil. Supposedly, Amos had letters of margue from Great Kesh, given by the governor of Durbin. They passed the Straits of Darkness but after a week of storm they were thrown north of Crydee, in lands that they did not know.

After 3 days of exploring, Tsurani swimmers boarded his ship. They emptied it from weapons and then some of them dove and swam towards Longpoint to take over the lighthouse.

Then they slaughtered the crew. Amos was injured and passed out, left for dead. The Tsurani raiders used the ship to surprise Crydee. As Sidonie entered harbor, Arutha went to investigate the lighthouse and saw the armed intruders onboard but managed to light the alarm beacon.

Amos recovered his senses and saw that he was trapped under a broken yard, the ship being on fire during the raid. Arutha was he who heard his voice while running along the harbor and helped him out. Soon after, flames reached the fire oil and Sidonie exploded.